Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Knitting....

Olympic Knitting
Epcot Canada

Not very sporting, I know, but I have accepted the fact that there is no way, after four rip-outs, that I will never get this sweater done in time for the closing ceremonies of this years Winter Olympics.   I will complete the sweater, just not on time.      For now, I will work on this sweater until the Olympics end.  Then, I think, I will finish Shawl That Jazz (only needs another inch of ruffle) before finishing Liesl.  Next Winter Olympics I am going to knit a dishcloth scarf.

Olympic Liesl
Day 9
Saturday we went to Epcot to celebrate our 14th anniversary.   Among other fun things, I got to work on my Olympic Knitting in Canada.   We were at Disney during the last Canadian Olympics (summer) and there were tons of Olympic themed items for sale at Epcot Canada.   This time not so much.   I was a bit disappointed with that.   I had really wanted to get an Olympic tote bag for my Olympic knitting (hokey, I know).   Also, missed were the Dale of Norway knitting kits in Norway.   I think, like so many other places, Disney is cutting back.   All was not lost, though, I found a cute knitting tote in England (photos to come).  It has sheep in a field and the caption "Baaad Girls".

At guest services we picked up Anniversary buttons that we wore all day.  Consequently, we were picked as the "first family" for the show at the USA pavilion.   It was so much fun to be made a fuss over but Hubby and I agree that the best part was getting to sit on real chairs for the concert (rather than benches or the floor).   We may be getting old but at least we are doing it together.

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