Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Steps....

Usually, when I find a frog, lizard, etc. in the house, I shriek scream call hubby or the boys to come catch it and put it outside.   This morning when this baby was discovered in the guest bathroom, hubby had left for work, and Teen1 was sleeping.   Teen2 (fka Tween) was going to use Dad's method of throwing a towel over  it, but I had  a better idea.   I put a glass over it, tucked a greeting card (thanks boys) under it and just carried it out to the patio.   Yes, ladies, and gentlemen, I caught and released a frog all on my own.   I feel ridiculously  proud of myself.

Due to an unusual & persistent migraine, I never did get started on the Summer Cardigan.   I still have all the ingredients good to go, so maybe today will be the day.    What knitting I have worked on was for a organic cotton baby hat for the co-op (had some KP Simply Cotton in the stash).   I knit one with a US7 but did not like it.   Tore it out and am now working on the same basic roll brim hat with a US6.   I like the resulting  fabric much better.   I have enough for three hats.   I am waffling between ordering more Simply Cotton or switching to Comfy.  Both yarns are lovely.   Comfy has acrylic, is not organic, but is awesomely soft and comes in lots of bright colors.   Simply Cotton is organic, soft enough for a baby, but only comes in "organic" colors.  I like both, maybe the answer is to order less of each so that I can make some of each.

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