Monday, March 29, 2010

Down the rabbit hole....

First Tina and now Alison (both of Knit Picks) have lead me into temptation.   Have you seen Alison's post re: Citron?   Go take a look (here).   I will wait........ Do you see what I mean?   Citron, as it appeared in Knitty, is lovely, but, after seeing Alison's pink one, it really called to me.   Initially, I picked a similar pink lace wt out of my stash, but before I even finished winding it, I had changed my mind.   A citrus shaped shawl.   I live in FL.   Of course, mine should look like an orange or grapefruit.   Off to my local LYS I went, and to my delight I found something new and perfect in Dream in Color Baby.   I love, love, love how it is turning out.   I had to take a break for a few days due to Blackberry Thumb (my name is Lisa, and I am a cliche), but the pain is gone and I am back in business.   Once this shawl is done, I really, really will start on that sweater (with the pretty blue yarn at the bottom of my bag).

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