Monday, March 8, 2010

Things are looking up....

Spiral Baby Blanket
Inspired by the Silk Swirl Shawl

Here it is, the finished Spiral Baby Blanket.   It was done in a week, easy, pretty, oh so soft.   I am pleased.

I was presented with a good opportunity last week.   A co-op with a booth at a local arts & antiques market expressed an interest in selling some of my things.   I, along with some other members of my Tuesday craft group, met with their rep on Wednesday.   On Friday, I brought her some braided ribbon headbands, a couple of embroidered onsies, and a knitted readers wrap.   Not only did she take it all, but the co-op will be opening a higher end boutique eventually and she is interested in placing more of my things there.      They may even offer crafting lessons at the boutique.   I could end up teaching knitting again!  I am so excited.  The best thing about this arrangement is that there is no delivery schedule.   I can bring things as I finish them.  The co-op gets their products from artists and craftsmen who are handicapped and/or struggling with a chronic illness/injury.   Their aim is to provide  a creative outlet without adding to an already stressful situation.  Some of their items are really quite spectacular (I have my eye on a gorgeous quilt).   

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