Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saying Goodbye.....

Sadly, my Godparents' son (and my childhood playmate) has died.   He was camping with friends, taking a shower, had a massive coronary, and died.    I have not seen or spoken to C in many years (Our moms are best friends so I keep track of all of them through the family grapevine).   Since my mom called with the bad news,  I have been remembering things I have not thought of for a long time.  I remember C (and his brothers) teaching me to ride a bike.   I remember the time I bit his little brother and he told his mom that K had hit me first.   I remember when he got too big to play with me but not too big to defend me.   I remember when he got in some kind of trouble and came to stay with us for a while.   I remember when he moved to Florida to help his mom after his dad died.   I was planning to go to the funeral, but it turns out that there is not going to be one.   I did not keep in touch when I could have and now there is no chance to say good-bye.   So here it is:

Dear C,

Sleep well, find peace.   You were loved and you will be missed.


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