Thursday, April 22, 2010

When two boys collide...

The phone call went something like this:

  • Teen2: "Clubs cancelled today"
  • Me: "Can you make the bus or should I come get you?"
  • Teen2: "Oh, I caught the bus, but can you pick me up at the bus stop?   I hit my head and think I have a concussion".
  • Me: "WHAT?!"
So I hang up the phone and drive to the bus stop thinking he probably does not have a concussion.  Probably, he hit his head and has a headache, maybe even a migraine (he gets them).   However, as soon as I saw him get off of the bus, I knew something more was wrong.   He was so white he was grey and he was staggering. When he got in the car, he was dazed and having trouble speaking.   After a quick stop at the house for ice (the eye was way more swollen than in this picture) and my knitting bag, I took him to the ER.   He was dazed, dizzy, sick to his stomach, seeing spots, easily confused, and in considerable pain.  The triage nurse saw him and ordered an immediate CAT scan (which came back fine, thank heavens).   He does, however, have a severe concussion.  We spent the next six hours in the ER while they tried to stabilize him.   It took three hits of Zofran to stop the stomach upset.   Then they were finally able to give him something for the pain.  Even that only took the edge off but at least he was able to sleep (we were able to let him sleep because the CAT scan was good).   Yesterday, he saw the eye doctor who confirmed that there was no permanent damage to the eye.   Today, he sees his doctor for a recheck.     He is doing much better now and will probably go back to school on Monday.  I am still having nightmares.

What, you may ask, happened to this poor child?   He was running for the bus and bumped into another boy who was doing the same.   Teen2 bounced and fell backwards hitting his head on the ground.   Not even "stupid kid tricks".   Neither of the boys did anything wrong.   Just a freaky accident.   Be still my heart.

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