Thursday, May 6, 2010

Balm for the soul...

Baby Lace Wt / Giant Peach

While I am much more a city (suburb?) girl than a country one, I do love being outdoors.   All the things that I do regularly (knit, read, surf, etc.) bring a greater measure of peace when done outside.  Florida really lends itself to that.   Right now I am sitting outside eating breakfast, blogging, and waiting for TJ Maxx to open.   My knitting is right here beside me (I am on the last ruffle of the Citron), there is classical music playing in the background and soon I will be shopping for a dress to wear to a friend's birthday party on Saturday night.   Later I will get my eyebrows done (ouch), then head home to read and knit until the boys get home from school.    It has been a pretty ragged couple of weeks here at Chez Serenity but I am finally starting to feel human again.

The Citron has been a delight to knit.   It has enough pattern to stave off boredom but is simple enough to be done in the car or while chatting with family & friends.   I am already thinking I may need another (cotton?) one.

A few years ago, I started the Kandinsky Kimono sweater.   Not too far into it, I became seriously ill (all better now) and put it aside in favor of simpler things (like garter stitch and surviving).    While reorganizing my office, I came across this (and other) unfinished projects and started thinking what a cool thing it would be to finish the projects that I could not face in those darker days.   So with that in mind, I have ripped out and restarted this sweater.   I am also going to dig up and work on the Beaded Linen Lace Shawl (yarn and beads were a birthday present from my mom), also put aside during that same time.  I am feeling really good about finally getting back to these two projects.

Tiny denizens of the great outdoors  (aka bugs) are nipping (literally) at my heals.  Time to go shopping.

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