Saturday, May 1, 2010

Not always the happiest place...

Months ago plans were made, to spend a “girls day” at Disney.  So, through a rather surreal twist of fate, instead of a funeral on Friday, I went to Epcot.   Keeping those plans seemed like a good idea (life goes on, don’t want to disappoint, etc.), but in practice?   No so much.    The day started off badly.   That, combined with my already gloomy mood, made the day difficult rather than fun.   I've never been sad at Disney before.  It's depressing.

I am feeling much better today.   One friend is staying in Orlando for the rest of the weekend (her hubby is joining her).   N and I got some outlet shopping done and then headed home.   Teen1 had a school function this afternoon that I do not want to miss.

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