Monday, May 17, 2010

Food Rules....

I don't know about you but I am always looking for ways to lose weight with out suffering.  Most recently, I have been taken with Michael Pollan's Food Rules.   He starts with seven simple words and goes on to explain why we have known this all along.   Haven't we all heard that our food is loaded with chemicals and fillers?   Didn't your mom tell you to eat your vegetables?   Didn't you learn that your dinner was more important than your desert?   Mr. Pollan's bottom line is that we should be eating food, rather than eatable substances.   Or as my friend Angie's grandmother put it "Eat only what God has made".   Take the cookie for example.   If you want a cookie eat a cookie, but in order to find one with out laboratory created, unpronounceable, or mutated substances in it, you will likely have to drag out your mixer, and make them yourself.   I LOVE home baked cookies but I am not going to be making them every day.   

It occurs to me that we, as knitters, spinners, etc., are very careful what is in the content of our fiber.   What if we were that careful about our content?   I am giving it a try.  So far weight lose has been minimal but I do have more energy and am having less digestive difficulties.  Also, my blood work is much improved re: LDL & sugar.   

On a knitting note, I did finally start that sweater I was talking about.   So far I like it alot.  It is just a simple raglan cardigan.  Just my style.    No pictures yet.  I will try to do something about that soon.  :-)

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