Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Look what I got...

2010 Chevrolet HHR

The idea was that I would bring my car to the dealership Monday afternoon and Hubby would pick me up there after work.    As scheduled, I dropped my car off and sat up front to wait for Hubby (who was running a bit late).   While waiting, I was approached by one of the salesmen (aka G).   The rest of the encounter went something like this.

G: Dropping your car off for repairs?
Me: yes
G:  What are you driving?
Me:  2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid
G: Have you considered trading it in for something new?
Me:   We've talked about it but we are not ready right now.
G: If you were ready, what would you be looking for?
Me:  A Toyota Prius (bear in mind that I was standing in a Chevy dealership).
G: Have you looked at the ... [car they have that looks like a Vue]?
Me:  Too big we are looking for something smaller.
G:  How about the HHR?
Me:  You mean that ugly car over there?
G: Okay, what about this little car right here (don't remember the name of that one either)
Me:  Not out of the question but I am really not going to shop for a car without my husband.
G: It gets great mileage.  Why don't I go get the key and you can look inside?
Me:  You can go get the key but the minute [Hubby] gets here, I am leaving.
G:  Of course.
G runs off to get the key.  I call Hubby and beg him to hurry because "there is a man trying to sell me a car I do not want".  G returns with the key.   Discussion re: mileage & legroom are had.  Hubby arrives.
G:  Hi [Hubby], my name is G and I have been showing your wife this nice little car
H:  It really is the kind of thing we will be looking for (he is not as enthused by the Prius as I am) but we are not ready yet.
G:  What are you paying for the Vue?
A discussion ensues re: car payment, payoffs, interest rates etc. (during which I knit).   G offers to run the numbers.  Hubby tells him that we do not want to waist his time.  G runs off to do it anyway.  G comes back with the surprising info that there are various incentives, plus they will give us more for the trade-in than we owe.   Hubby looks at me.  I assure him that I am open to the idea (so long as the car is small and blue) but not married to it.   His call.    G drives a little blue car off of the showroom floor for us to test drive.   A test drive is taken.   We start thinking we may actually buy this little blue car.    As we get out of the little car, I see a pretty grey car that I like better.   It is a 2009 but we agree that a slightly used car would be okay.
Me:  G why don't you go find out how much the bigger grey car is.
G:  But that is an HHR
Me: I know.
G:  You said it was ugly
Me:  It was ugly in that color but I like it in grey
G:  You said you would only consider a little blue car
Me:  I changed my mind.  Now I want the big grey car.   Go run the numbers.
Hubby stands back and grins through this exchange (He so gets me).  G's sales mgr comes out with a huge grin on his face.   It turns out that there are some pretty attractive incentives to buy the HHR new.  In fact, with incentives and trade-in, it will cost less to buy the HHR new (they even have a grey one).   While numbers are run, Hubby and I are frantically looking up HHR deets and interest rates (laptops, smart phones, wonderful things).   The numbers look great.  Then we discover that there are additional savings because of Hubby's employer.    Not only that but we get an employee interest rate.   By the time all is said and done, we have a new car but are paying less per month for four years (there were two left on the Vue).   So four hours after I dropped off my car in service, I drove home in my new big, pretty, grey, car.   The whole thing was surreal and loads of fun.


  1. Looks like that day turned out wonderful! The day which should only be scheduled for car repairs turned out as a day for car shopping. It was unexpected, but I’m pretty sure you enjoyed it because you went home with a new car. It was a good deal! I hope the car is still in good condition until today.

    >Erwin Calverley

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. Hubby is driving the HHR these days. I am happily tooling about town in a small grey Elantra :-)