Saturday, May 22, 2010

Look before you leap...

T1 was feeling left out because T2 is having pizza at a friends and Hubby & I hit a local Mexican place for lunch.  So, being the good mommy that I aspire to be, I brought him to our local Panera Bread for lunch and a couple of hours of high speed internet (our at-home options are sadly slow and limited).

As previously reported, I did finally start the Summer Open Cardigan.   I forget the name of the yarn I am using (I wound it for something else) but it is a worsted wt. cotton/wool blend.    So far, I really like it.  I would worry about the gauge being a bit loose for my taste but I think that will be less of an issue once the neck band is on.   This would be a quick knit were it not for a couple of things.    It is my take-along project, so I am not working on it at home.    At home, I either work on the Kandinsky cardi or the felted bags that are selling so well at the co-op.    Also, do you remember how I knit through the car purchase the other night?   It would have been more productive if I had remembered that I was right at the "divide for the arms" point.   Instead, I knit 6 inches too far and had to rip back.   Then, when I went to craft group on Tuesday morning, I did it again, and had to rip back 8 inches, (Eeeek!).   Now I have divided for the arms and am knitting away at the body.    There is some optional shaping further along.   I have not yet decided whether to go with that or not.

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