Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random knitting minutia...

  • Some time ago, I had the idea of using a zip-up bottle cozy for my sock-in-progress.  It has taken quite a while to find one that does not have a beer company logo on i,t but yesterday I hit pay-dirt.   At a local store that is going out of business, I found one that had been monogrammed but not picked up.   It is pink (good), wide-ish (good), and really cheap (very good).   True, the initials are not mine but I can deal with that.   The sock needle holders can be pushed all the way in. It fits in, in my bag, like a dream.   It only fits one sock-in-progress, so, I am still on the look out for another one.
  • Continuing to work on P&S Summer Open Cardigan.   I decided not to go with the side shaping mostly because I knit past that point and did not feel like ripping back.
  • Still working on the Kandinsky Cardigan.  Since I can only work on this when I can give it my full attention, it is really slow going.   I am really looking forward to wearing this in the Fall.
  • Jitterbug sock is in my handbag.   I have not gotten very far with these.   
  • For mindless, at home, knitting, I am working on a couple of felted bags for the co-op.
This has been a lovely slow week for me.   That is a good thing.

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