Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Deportation Room

So, last week, I was at T2's school for an event.   While roaming the halls looking for the cafeteria, I saw several rooms with names.  For instance, I passed "Principle's Office", "Nurse's Office", "Executive Secretary" (she has a nicer office than I had in Manhattan), and the "Computer Lab".   All were pretty self-explanatory until I came to "The Deportation Room".    Really?   I have talked to a couple of friends who are, or were, public school teachers.   They have no idea, but assure me that, besides being heinous, the obvious explanation is unlikely since it is against the law for a teacher to report an illegal alien (although one suggested that a dungeon would have been appreciated in her day).   I feel sure that when I finally get the nerve to call the school and ask (T2 has asked that I do this after end of year exams), it will turn out to be something benign that I should have been able to figure out for myself.  

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