Monday, June 14, 2010

WWKIP...Where were you?

T1 and I like to do something on our own, before he leaves for to visit the ex for any length of time.   Since he leaves for six weeks on Wednesday we decided that a trip for two to Disney was in order.  So, Saturday morning we got up early and headed for Orlando.  Once parked, we split up, with Hubby and T2 heading over to Animal Kingdom, and T1 & I making our way to Hollywood Studios.   The plan was to do our own thing and then meet up for dinner to discuss our outings.    

Hollywood Studios was busy for an off season day but not nearly so bad as a summer crowd.   We actually got to do everything we wanted to do with relative ease.   Since it was WWKIP day, I made sure to get as many characters as I could (without waiting on line) to hold my traveling sock.   I even got a storm trooper to do the deed (It was also Star Wars weekend).

It was awfully hot.   By lunch time I was longing for a sit down and some a/c.   With that in mind, we made reservations at Hollywood & Vine.   The idea of a buffet was appealing because we could take our time.   The food worked out well enough and we definitely did not feel rushed.  What we did not expect was that H&V is apparently a Playhouse Disney themed establishment.   Meaning, that I have no idea who these characters were who stopped at our table (LOL).  

Despite the heat, we had a terrific time.   I am so grateful to have these times with my boys.

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