Saturday, September 11, 2010

But not forgotten...

Nine years ago today, something awful happened.    We, the US, were victims of an unprecedented attack.   Thousands of people died while going about their normal lives.   Moms & Dads, Husbands & Wives, Sisters & Brothers, Friends & Lovers, took their leave of one another with, never kept, promises, to “see you later”.   Many more were lost through bravery, duty, and simple human kindness. 

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11 someone assured me that things would go back to normal.   I knew, that for me, and others who were living in the NY Metro area, DC/VA & Eastern PA, at the time, that would never happen.   We would, and have, achieved a new normal, even a good one, but, even with that, our lives will always be divided into before and after.   “Never Forget” will always be more than a touching slogan or a pithy bumper sticker.  

How do I feel?   Sad, with the heavy memories of that day and the weeks following;   Angry, that those not directly affected, seem so willing to “just move on” and expect me to do the same;   Furious, at those who would use our pain for political gain or worse as an excuse to promote ethnic and/or racial hatred;    Hopeless, that things will be any different next year or the one after that.

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