Saturday, September 4, 2010

Snakes & the Clue Fairy...

This is Jack.

This is the snake.

This is the true story of a sweet but clueless dog named Jack.   Yesterday afternoon, when T2 opened the back door to let Jack out, this snake was laying right there across our door mat.  Before T2 could stop him, Jack jumped over the snake and ran out to take care of business.    Worried about his ability to get back into the house unharmed, Hubby sent T2 to the side gate to call Jack in from there.    Did Jack go to his boy when called?   Not so much.   Instead he ran to the back door, stood right on the darn snake, and waited to be let back in (all the while happily wagging his tail as though there was nothing trying its best to bite his belly & legs).   Luckily Jack got back into the house  unharmed and unaware of the potential danger.   At my insistence Hubby swept the snake (which was scary fast) under the fence.

The weird thing is (because the whole rest of it was not odd enough), not 5 minutes later, we saw a different kind of snake on our back fence.   I guess it was a good day for snakes in NoFL yesterday.

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