Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Threw a party but nobody came...

Mat's Tats Pi Shawl

Six-ish months ago, my brother suggested that I start my own darn (He didn't say "darn".  He is a Marine.) knitting group.   One that is closer to home, smaller/cozier, has coffee/tea, and is altogether easier and more convenient for me.   It has taken this long to ponder, plan, & implement his very good idea.    Thus was born the  "First Coast Fiber Enthusiasts" Meetup group.    We will meet at my local Panera Bread, each Wednesday morning from 10am-noon.    So far four people have signed up, none of whom are able to make it today but a couple of whom expect to be here next week.   I came today, anyway, just in case someone decides to stop in and check "us" out.    Theoretically, I am using this time to work on my Master Knitting homework (I have been less than diligent?).

On my non-homework knitting front, I just can not make up my mind what to knit next.   The last sweater I knit is already too big.  I am thinking, no sweaters until my weight loss (14#s & two sizes, so far) levels off.   Normally that would not be a problem since I LOVE knitting & wearing shawls.   The thing is that I can not decide on my next shawl.   I thought I would start another Pi, or maybe a Josephine, or maybe something more complicated/time consuming, or maybe I could finally work out the deets of the pattern that has been rattling about in my head for years, but I just can not settle on a single idea and stick to it.   Part of the problem (?) is the wide range of choices (can you say "Ravelry"?), and part is that I have lots of co-op knitting to do, so, I don't actually have to make up my mind in order to keep my hands moving.   Yes, I have too much yarn, too many choices, & too many opportunities to do what I love.   We should all be so troubled :-).

For the time being, I thought I would revive a napping project.   The first place I looked revealed this brightly colored Pi shawl.    I started this as part of a KAL, at my LYS, back when we lived in NJ.    The yarn is hand-dyed in colors inspired my their UPS man's tattoo.  Hence the name "Mat's Tat's.   After counting rows and taking a close look at this WIP, I came to three conclusions: 1. it was only two rows away from the border, 2. I liked the colors better two years ago, and  3. I had made a dreadful mistake at the very beginning of the last section and would have to rip back 50+ rows (insert gasping sobs here) to correct it.   How could I have missed this?    I suspect that I told myself that it would block out (heaven knows I tried to convince myself of the same just last night), but that just is not going to happen.   Sadly, I admitted the truth to myself and did the deed.   Happily, I have something other than co-op projects to work on for a while.       Hopefully, the color will re-grow on me.

It is almost 11 and I am still on my own.   I guess I should just go do my homewor...hey look a squirl...

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