Monday, August 30, 2010

Simple Baby Hat Pattern

While searching my stash for yarn to make baby hats for a friend to sell in her co-op, I came across a bag with one ball of each color of KnitPicks’ Comfy Sport. Immediately, I pictured a rainbow display of baby hats. So, through a combination of visual inspiration (aka photos), and a trip to Target (to measure baby hats), this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I do.


0-6 months

14 inch diameter

1 ball Comfy Sport Yarn from KnitPicks (75% Pima Cotton, 25% Acrylic; 136yds/50grams)
1 16-inch US 5/3.75mm circular needle
1 set US 5/3.75mm double-point needles
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
8 stitch markers

24 sts = 4”

Brim & Body
Using circular needle, CO 80 stitches.
Join, being careful not to twist.
Place stitch marker to mark beginning of round.
Knit 6 inches.
Knit one more round, placing a stitch marker every ten stitches.

  • Rnd 1:  *K8, k2tog, slm* repeat to end of round.
  • Rnd 2:  *K7, k2tog, slm* repeat to end of round.
  • Rnd 3:  *K6, k2tog, slm* repeat to end of round.
  • Continue knitting one less stitch before knitting two together until you have 4 sts left.
 Switch to dpn’s when knitting on the circular needle is no longer comfortable for you.

Top Knot
Using the 4 remaining stitches & two dpns, work a 2 inch Icord.
End I-cord leaving at least a 4 inch yarn tail.
Run tail into length of the Icord.
Tie I-cord into a knot

Weave in beginning yarn tail.
Trim beginning and end yarn tails.

© 2010 Lisa Santoni Cromar Jacksonville, FL • All rights reserved.
This pattern is specifically for private use only. All commercial uses involving reproduction of this pattern or duplication of this garment are prohibited unless specifically licensed in writing by copyright owner.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing this pattern, I've enjoyed it! I have a question, though. I used 5 DPNs to knit this hat (20 stitches per needle). I decreased as instructed, until I knit 1, then knit 2 tog. This left me with 4 stitches per needle (16 total). At this point, do I just knit 2 tog for 2 rounds to end up with 4 stitches?

  2. Your blog is very useful for me,Thanks for your sharing.