Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting there....


Right around Thanksgiving, I realized, to my horror, that Christmas was coming.   I am an early Christmas shopper, but an insane, last minute, scrambling, maker.   This year my plan was/is to make an ornament for everyone in Hubby's family along with a few for my friends and family.    Thanks to Wild Olive's inspiration, I did get an early start.   However, I quickly figured out that, at a couple of days each, the ornaments would take too long.   I chose another, this time simpler and of my own design.   Still, the going was slow.   Then, while working on my Chrismahanakwanzadan Wreath, I found the perfect solution.  

Peace & Goodwill

I am now making ornaments based on the peace dove that I made for the wreaths (found here).   Unfortunately, I dithered, started, stopped, and changed my mind so many times that once settled on a workable idea, I found myself with only seven days to finish the first twenty (assuming that we will mail out of town presents on the 15th).   Today is the 12th.  I have nine done with eleven to go.   Wish me luck.

It must seem that I don't knit anymore but, really, I am just doing a lot less of it.    The socks in my handbag are almost done (just the ribbed cuff to go), and I am about half way done with the bind off of my latest Shawl That Jazz (would be nice if I finished this in time for T2's performance tomorrow night).   I have lots of ideas for new cast ons but am trying to stay focused on those ornaments for the time being.

Enjoy the holidays even if the lead up makes you nutty.

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