Sunday, January 2, 2011

We're home....

Yes, we came home early.  Our first couple of days in Orlando were very cold.   The accommodations were not what we had hoped.   By Wednesday, it had warmed up nicely but by then T1 was sick.  We were already considering not doing a Disney New Years.  According to a very nice cast member, you have to get into Magic Kingdom or Epcot by 10am, you must not leave (even to visit your car) or you may not be able to re-enter, and it is unlikely that you will leave before 2am.  Love Disney, but 10am to 2am?.  Hubby, T2, and I were appalled (fuddy duddies that we are).   T1 was up for it until he got sick.  By the time T2 came down with T1's cootie, we just decided to call it a trip and come home.

There were a some of high points, however.    We visited the Titanic Experience.    What fun that was.  Even the boys liked it.    We had a really engaging guide.    Later that same day, Hubby took me over to the Black Sheep.   In addition to some needlepoint threads, I treated myself to a Helen Hamann "Mile-Long Scarf" kit .   I love this shop and so wish it were closer to home.  On a friends recommendation, we had dinner at Cariera's Cucina Italiana one night.   We all agreed that this was the best pizza we have had since we moved to FL.   The owner is from Michigan, go figure.   My back has been bothering me quite a bit making the hot tub heaven sent.

So, in the end, we spent a nice quiet New Years at home.   I went to sleep at 9:30.   Hubby and the boys stayed up to see the ball drop and eat junk food.   A good time was had by all.

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