Friday, January 7, 2011

A funny thing....

A funny thing happened when I came home from my visit to NJ last September.   I began missing the NYC/Philly metro area.    The odd thing is that I did not miss it this much when we moved here.    I am the one who wanted to move to FL, I really do love it here (we live in a post card), and I don't think I want to move back (Besides, the boys love it here).   Still, I miss my friends, the ease of finding just about anything locally (more or less), museums, yarn shops, and, perhaps, most of all, people.   Sometimes, I feel so constrained here.  Politics & religion, two of my favorite subjects, are so intertwined.   While outwardly very polite (which I love), intolerance is rampant.   Nuance is not appreciated.   The need to watch what I say, & how I say it is starting to hurt.   Up North, I was teased for being too "nice" ("Your not from around here are you?"), here my brashness is off-putting (You're not from around here are you?").    So, to hell with them, right?   Just be yourself and let the chips fall where they may.  That works a lot better in theory than in execution.   I guess the bottom line is that I am feeling lonely.

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