Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oops, we did it again

This past Wednesday, T2 and I decided to blow off our respective schedules and head down to Disney for the day.   Our annual passes were set to expire on Mar17 and we were considering not renewing.   Our plan was to start at Epcot, ride Soarin', buy tea in England, lunch in France, desert in Morocco, and jump over Magic Kingdom for the rides.  Perhaps predictably, our day did not work out as planned.    

Yes, blurry, I know.

Due to traffic and poor planning, it was noon when we walked into Epcot.   By then my sugar was dropping and I was not feeling great.   Instead of working our way around the world showcase, we went straight to Morocco and ate the sit down restaurant.    Although hideously expensive (must plan better in future!), the food was awesome, and the belly dancers were a hoot.

I even got to cast on a new traveling sock while we watched the show.    Unfortunately, I never really recovered from the sugar drop so while we did hit some of the other countries in Epcot, we did not park hop to Magic Kingdom.   I was just too tired and was dreading the two hour drive home.   As it is, we hit traffic going home that doubled the drive time.

In the end we renewed our passes, so the rush to get in as many visits as possible before we lose the opportunity is over for now.   Guess where we are going for spring break?

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