Saturday, August 6, 2011

I heart Starbucks...

Do you heart Starbucks too, then maybe you read Starbucks Melody (if you don't, you should).    Last month
Melody asked her readers to think about what the "Starbucks Experience" means to us (here).    Don't you love it when you already know the answer to the question?     It turns out that a few weeks ago, my son asked me why I never use the drive-thru at our local Starbucks.   This got me thinking.   I hadn't really noticed it but he was right.   We are coming up on three years in FL and I have yet to use this or any other Starbucks drive-thru.  To answer his question, the reason that  I always go inside for my coffee is because they are nice to me there.   It is kind of like "Cheers" with caffeine.    I like to go there because everyone knows my name.   They also remember my favorite drink (skinny, decaf, mocha, latte), inquire about my kids, and remember what we have been up to from visit to visit (The baristas were almost as excited as I was when hubby and I stopped in on our way to a childless lunch & movie.).  So, is this, then, the much touted "Starbucks Experience"?    Absolutely!  

P.S.  I probably don't have to tell you where I went on National Knit in Public Day, do I?

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