Friday, August 5, 2011

My crafty life...

Over on Blogher, I've been reading a series of articles on better blogging. The idea of defining the blog's niche has me thinking. Certainly Serenity Knits began as a knitting blog but is that still what I am doing here? Do I still love knitting? Only as much as oxygen (which is to say a lot). However, life events (especially our move to FL) has had me using this space as more of a sounding board than it started out being. On top of that, I have dealt with my loneliness by taking a bunch of art courses which have me really spreading my wings into other artistic disciplines. Expressing myself both visually and in writing has helped a lot and I would like to share that here. Okay so back to categorizing. For the moment, at least, I will think of myself as a "Crafty Life" blogger. What do you think?
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