Sunday, September 25, 2011

A day worth waking up for....

Yesterday was one of those days where everything works out just right.   Hubby was just home from a business trip and tired but the boys and I decided to make the 2hr run to Orlando to IKEA in Orlando.    In an effort to expose T1 to distance driving, I asked him to drive.   That left me with two hours each way of knitting time. 

On the way down, I finished my first Triana Scarf.   I bought this yarn at Quiltfest on Thursday (Weird, I know, but if anyone can find yarn at a quilt show, it is me).    I am of two minds on this project.   I am not really a novelty yarn kind of girl but the  finished project is boa-like and kind of cool.  I bought two balls (1 ball makes a scarf) of this yarn and two balls of another similar novelty yarn.   My plan is to make one of each for me and one of each as Xmas gifts (one for my Mom and one for a friend).   My only concern is how they will wear since this one catches on everything.

Once in Orlando, it seemed silly not to stop at my favorite FL yarn shop, The Black Sheep.   As usual, this shop did not disappoint.   The shop is gorgeous, the staff wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable.   I so with they were closer to home.   I didn't actually buy any yarn, just some threads for an embroidery project (their selection is so much better than anywhere nearer to me).

We did not even get to IKEA until 4-ish.   I knew just what I wanted but we still spent a good hour or so wandering before so we grabbed some picture ledges for my office and hit the cafeteria for a dinner of Swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce.

I thought we would go straight home but the boys talked me into a quick stop at Hollywood Studios to check out the new Star Tours ride.    We were there for an hour during which we rode Star Tours four times.   It was never a favorite of mine but I love what they have done with it now.   Each ride was slightly different.   If it were not for the long drive home, I would have agreed to another couple of rides just to see the differences.  

Including a stop at Panera for an evening snack, it took us three hours to get home.   We rolled in just short of midnight (way past my bedtime).   T1 did a great job driving both ways.   The stop at Disney was a bit crazy but it was our kind of crazy.  No regrets, we had a wonderful time.

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