Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life is such a pain in the...

...shoulder!  What did you think I was going to say?  :-)

Lisa's Knitting Bag 20Sept11
What you see here is my knitting bag, which contains the following:

  • Mac & Me's "Summer Wrap" in progress
  • the other sock (one is in my purse)
  • Fifi (my netbook)
  • a composition notebook (painted & embellished)
  • watercolor sketch book (also painted & embellished)
  • an umbrella
  • Moleskine notebook & sketchbook that usually go in my purse.
  • cosmetic case (also usually in my purse)
  • 24 watercolor pencils (along with brushes, sketching pencils, etc.)
  • diabetes appropriate snacks
  • the lovely little Moop clutch (comfortably holds my wallet, cell, iPod, keys, & a sock in progress) that I have been using as a purse these days (liked the summer one so much that I ordered the black one and am eyeing the red one).
Gee, I wonder why my shoulder hurts?

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