Sunday, September 11, 2011

A day of mourning...

We watched the 9/11 memorial service this morning as we have done on each anniversary of that terrible day.   Has it really been this long?   10 years ago we lived in a commuter town in NJ.   Hubby worked for a hedge fund with offices in NY, London, & NJ.    T1 was in third grade and T2 was a sickly 4yo.  My nephew was working at the Pentagon.  Hubby and I lost friends & co-workers.   It was not unusual to attend multiple funerals in a single day.  Just driving to the grocery store was heart wrenching since the sight of a house with a lot of cars parked in front usually indicated a home that had lost someone.   Still, we did go to work, school, & the grocery store ("Never let the bad guys win.")   I remember arguing with my therapist when she said that everything would go back to normal.   I don't think we ever really did (Have you been to an airport lately?).   What did happen is that we, as a country, have moved forward into a new normal.   It is right that we did so, but looking back, I wonder where we found the strength.

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