Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lovely Day...

Gone With The Wind
I am in Atlanta this week with Hubby.   His new job brings him up here quite a bit.    T2 & I came along with him for a few days in July and had a terrific time sightseeing (we highly recommend the Coke & CNN tours).

 This week, though, the boys are in school so it is just us (which is also very nice).   We drove up early on Monday so that we could spend some time together before Hubby got busy with work.   It has been rainy and cool but I kind of like it.   In July we stayed in Norcross which was rather industrial (think grey with poor air quality).   This time we are staying NW of Atlanta, nearer Hubby's data center.   It is lovely here, green & hilly.  It reminds us of Maryland and makes us wistful.

Margaret Mitchell House

Once here, we headed into downtown Atlanta to see Margaret Mitchell's house.   Originally, I thought I would see it alone today but Hubby surprised me by wanting to come along (I do love that man.).   We liked it very much.   It was fun to hear her story and see where she wrote Gone With The Wind.   Did you know that Scarlett's name was supposed to be Pansy?   "Miss Pansy, Miss Pansy"; "Frankly my dear Pansy, I don't give a damn"; Nope, I just can't wrap my mind around it.

Yesterday, Hubby went to work and I was on my own.   I had planned my day ahead of time and it was just wonderful.
Lovin' Knit Studio

I spent the morning knitting with a local group at Lovin' Knit Studio.    I just can't reccomnend this shop, owner (Pat), staff, +/or their customers, highly enough.   From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcome. Visually, the shop is just mind-boggling, each thing more beautiful than the last.  They have an extraordinary selection of yarn and accessories.   The knitting group was very warm &; welcoming.   I had a terrific time, was very "bad", and left feeling lighter than I have in a very, very long time.

Maybe I was just in an extraordinarily good mood but, I swear, even the Panera Bread, where I had lunch was pretty.   Check out that gorgeous fireplace.

Also according to plan, I spent the afternoon with another local knitting group at the Cast-on Cottage.   Something in the air? Atlanta being more cosmopolitan than Jax?   I don't know what it is, but I like it.  Two fabulous yarn shops within easy distance from one another.  I have not been this lucky since I lived in Princeton.

Once again, I felt welcome from the very first.   The owner & staff were warm friendly & knowledgeable.  The first time I visited this shop in July, T2's reaction upon walking in the door was "Who needs this much yarn".   Silly question, yes, but wonderfully descriptive as well.   There is in fact lots and lots of yarn everywhere you look.   After happily chatting & knitting with one of their local knitting groups for a couple of hours, I found a pattern (caught my eye from across the room), a CE  booklet (I've been looking for this one.  I covet the Highland Fling), and some yarn (variegated, fall colors, Araunia on sale; Who could resist?) that just had to go home with me.   Also, fell in love with their sample of the Summer Flies shawl, which is knit in Koigu (my favorite and almost impossible to find in FL), and is a free pattern on Ravelry.   All in all, I left very happy indeed.

Quick stops at Target and Whole Foods and I was back at the hotel having a quiet dinner with Hubby.   It was, indeed, a lovely day.

At the moment, I am snuggled in bed blogging, but soon I will have to get up, shower, eat lunch and head out.  I am going to see Sarah's Key, grab a quick dinner and then go back to Lovin' Stitch for a yarn tasting.  How cool is that?

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