Sunday, February 19, 2012

One thing leads to another....

“As I get older, I just prefer to knit. ”

Last night, I realized that come Sunday morning, I would have nothing to knit at church (or at the classical concert we are going to Monday night).  
Right now of my knitting attention has been taken up with reviews and designs.  Neither of which can be shown off here until they have been posted and/or published (which hopefully they will be).   

UU's are a pretty relaxed bunch so there are no rules regarding knitting in church. However, I do have my own church knitting rules. I only work on mindless knitting, the kind that require minimal attention (I am an accomplished movie knitter so I rarely even look at simple projects). Also, I just don't feel good about working in church so I don't work on I don't work on anything destined for sale.  These are my rules. They work for me but I would never presume to apply to anyone else.

So, there I was on Saturday night contemplating Sunday morning and this is what I did.  With a little research (thank you, Ravelry), and a productive stash dive, I came up with an answer to my Zen knitting needs, as well as my hitherto unformulated plan to give a much needed hug to a dear, but distant, friend.    I quickly settled on the Masters Prayer Shawl and Patons Pure Organic Cotton. I have exactly enough of one colorway and a little more in another, complementary colorway. If the first one gets the job done, great. If not, I can work the edging in the second color and call it a design enhancement.  Swatching didn't seem necessary since I probably have enough and definitely have a back-up plan, so after sending the pattern to my phone & Kindle, I packed up my pretty yarn & needles and went to bed.  This morning, during a lovely talk on different kinds of love, I cast-on for my expression of love for a troubled friend.

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  1. My knitting in church rule is not while sitting on the stand waiting to play the organ. This really cramps my style.