Thursday, March 8, 2012

Farewell Disney, we loved you well.

We have been soooo lucky to have annual Disney passes for the last three years, but the time has come to let that luxury go.    Having one child in college, even with scholarships, has turned out to be way more expensive than we anticipated.   That combined with a stretch of unforseen circumstances (including multiple car accidents & health challenges), have made it necessary to cut back on non-essentials.   Sadly, it was necessary to admit that Disney is a non-essential.

Rather than sulking (no matter how tempting), we decided to make our farewell a weekend long event.    As the date got closer, T1's ongoing health problems necessitated a short hospital stay and some tests, I became ill with a re-occurrence of Menier's, and T2's cold got worse rather than better.    The reservations were made with Marriott points so were non-cancellable, so we stocked up on meds and went anyway.

Surprisingly (or not, I have a pretty wonderful family), we had a good time.   We spent Saturday at Epcot.   Hubby and I roamed the World Showcase while the boys took off to ride the rides and eat in almost every country.  We stayed to see the fireworks which were wonderful, as usual.   We really lucked out in that the park was not busy at all.    The only line longer than 5 minutes was for the  Patisserie in France.   Sunday we spent at Magic Kingdom.   By this time we were getting pretty worried about T2 (who was not breathing well at all), so we made a list of favorite rides and shows.    We hit those highlights (Haunted House, Carousel of Progress, Hall of Presidents, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates, & the Jungle Ride) and grabbed sweets at the bakery.    We were home in time to unpack, shower etc. and watch our Sunday night favorites (60 Minutes, Amazing Race, Walking Dead).

All in all, we had a lovey weekend, there was even knitting.    I am making  hubby a pair of Toe-up Socks from Last Minute Knitting Gifts.   Socks really are wonderful.   Not only are they luscious to wear but they are the perfect take-along project.   I knit in the car and around the world and in the Kingdom.    Knitting really does "sooth the troubled spirit".

P.S. Turns out that T2 had bronchitis but he is doing much better now.

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