Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thank heavens for Panera...

Panera Bread
  You may have noticed that I blog a lot less frequently these days.   There is a reason for that, that goes beyond a busy home life.    Where we live, we do not get cable or DSL.   As far as entertainment goes, we miss cable but do not hate Direct TV.    What we really do hate is our internet provider, Clearwire.   I have talked about this before.    Our service is awful with upload/download speeds so bad that we can't even load a network speed test.   There was a nice long stretch when the situation improved.   However, that stopped some time ago and the service is now worse than ever.   We pay a monthly fee for "unlimited high speed internet".    As you can see, our internet speed is not high and now, apparently it is not unlimited either.   It seems that we are being "throttled".   Meaning that Clear is limiting our speed based "high usage".   What they call high usage, we call weekend only gaming, and the occasional Netflix download (twice a week?).   Other than that, the boys do homework, hubby sends and receives email, and I blog while haunting Facebook and Twitter.    I can't imagine how this adds up to "high" usage.   Their customer service has proven unhelpful to say the least.   We have found their reps to be inept with a questionable command of the English language.

What does this mean to the blog?    It means that, much of the time, I cannot get a post uploaded without going to Starbucks or Panera.    For a while that was both a treat and an inconvenience but during those months when I had to share a car with T1, it was impossible most days.  Even now, that I finally have my own car again, I am finding it hard to get out as much as I would like.

So please bare with me.   We are exploring other options.   Hopefully we will find a better alternative soon or, maybe, a way for me to spend more time sipping lattes in public.

Masters Prayer Shawl 
Toe-Up Socks
Though not blogging as much, I have been knitting.   I recently submitted a design to a major publication and then, because creativity feeds on itself, I dreamed up two more must do designs that I hope to have finished and up on Ravelry soon.    The only things I can show now, are Hubby's socks and the friendship shawl that I referred to a couple of weeks ago, both of which are coming along slowly but surely.

As most posts are these days, this is brought to you from Panera, because Clearwire Sucks!

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