Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Serenity Knits rides again....

It's official.   I am the new knitting/crochet teacher at my local Michael's.   If you've been reading since before we moved to FL, you know that I loved teaching at my Michael's in NJ.   I am thrilled to be able to go back to doing what I love.  Keep an eye on my sidebar.  I am hoping to have class info up soon.

As if  my new job is not good enough, we finally found an alternative to Clearwire for our internet service provider.   After three long years, DSL has finally come to our neighborhood.  So far, we can't get the super fast service, but what we do have is good enough, and much more reliable, than what we were getting.   Things are definitely looking up.

Do you like my labyrinth?   I spent a few weeks participating in a "Spirit in Practice" workshop.  One night the facilitator suggested that we go home and create something that incorporated something of our individual spiritual practice.   Since the guided meditation was my favorite part of that night's gathering, I decided to embroider myself a finger labyrinth.   The Sublime Stitching pattern has been in my collection for a while, the thread is from my stash, the hoop is wrapped in leftover fabric from this rope basket that I made last year, and the back is finished with a felt circle cut from a recent experiment with Kool Aid dyeing.   I love that it came together so well using just things that I already had on hand.

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