Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to us...

Chocolate Ganache Supreme

Another fun day at Chez Serenity.    Hubby's birthday was yesterday and mine will be this Thursday.    Yesterday we went out to celebrate his and will go out Thursday to celebrate mine.   Today, though, was our "at home" celebration.    Today, my mom joined us for a lunch and cake.    So that we would not have to cook, Hubby & I picked up two "Family" dinners from Pollo Tropical, while the boys picked up Grandma and a cake (see above) from Publix (Grandma was not at Publix, She was at her house).    We had a lovely, relaxed, happy, family meal.   We may need to do this again, soon.

Knitting is still limited.    Somehow, while favoring my right hand, I managed to injure my left shoulder, damn.
Still, I can knit in short bursts so that is something at least.

P.S. What you see here is a stock photo of our favorite celebration cake.   It is so good that the guys had it cut up and on plates before I could get a photo of ours with its one blue candle (for Hubby) and one pink candle (for me).   If you live near a Publix, I highly recommend this cake.

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