Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rain, rain, go away..

Chez Serenity in sunnier days.
This is not what our backyard looks like today.   Why is that?   Because the Sunshine State has not been living up to it's name.    I actually, finally, wrote up the pattern for that washcloth I was talking about a while ago.   The one I made for my brother when he was first diagnosed with diabetes?    The pattern is done.   The test crocheting is done.   But, are the photos done?  Nope, without sunshine, there are no photos (or no good ones anyway).

The sun did come out briefly early last week.   T2 and I ran out to Starbucks to take in progress photos of Bigger on the Inside (that last one I took on the arm of my chair was just awful) & Wingspan.    By the time we got there, bought our drinks and found the perfect seats outside, it was raining again.    Better luck this week.

My ankle is doing much better.   That crazy day of rest really helped (Can you hear Hubby saying "I told you so"?).    I am still wearing the brace & air-cast but am able to walk comfortably without crutches or cane (they were really messing with my shoulder).    I kind of miss walking fast but know darn well that I need to be grateful that I am walking unaided at all.

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