Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Still raining after all this time...

Bigger on the Inside
Yup, it is still raining.  What they don't tell you when you move to the Sunshine State is that at certain times of the year, much of the Sunshine arrives in liquid form.    I just keep telling myself how happy we will all be when the hottest part of the summer arrives and we are not suffering from a drought.

These photos of the Bigger on the Inside and Wingspan shawls were take last week just seconds before we were rained on.    Thanks to good books and the fact that I am no longer recliner bound, they are each just a little further on than what you see.  

The Bigger on the Inside is finally moving right along.   It took forever to correctly translate the charts from symbols, into words, into flip-able post cards, but now that I have gone through several repeats of the increase chart I am feeling much more confident.    The beginning, increase, center, and decrease charts have been translated.   However, I have not found the courage to begin translating the Tardis Chart yet.   I am very much a mood doer, so I while I may be daunted now, I know that I will wake up one morning in the mood to take on the task and it will get done.    We just found out that there will be a Dr. Who convention in Orlando this November and I really want to be able to wear this when I take the boys.

The Wingspan is a delight.    This is what I pick-up to work on when I am tired or otherwise just in the mood for comfort knitting.    The pattern is very easy to remember and keep track of.   You can easily put it down mid row, come back to it an hour later, and never wonder where you are.    I am already planning another, deeper, wool (this one is cotton), one for later this year.

Well, that's it for now.   Stay dry.

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