Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yay! World Wide Knit In Public Day...

So where are you knitting today?   The last two years I have knit at Disney, but this year, we are staying closer to home.   Today, I am knitting at my local Starbucks.  I love having a 24 hour Starbucks just a short drive (or a long walk when we are in the mood) away from home.

The Bigger on the Inside Shawl has certainly presented some challenges.  First of all, I don't care to knit from charts.   I like to have them to refer back to but I prefer to knit from words on flip cards (each business card sized card has a single row on it and I flip them as I go).   My favorite patterns have both.   For some reason, I found it difficult to translate these charts into words, so when I got to the first row of the increase section and there were knits where I thought there should be purls, I assumed that I had gotten it wrong.   I tore up my previous efforts at translation, and started again.   I read over the pattern, made notations on the charts (I really should have done this the first time because it really, really helped), and hand wrote (rather than typing) each row one line at a time.   When I compared these new notes with my flip cards, there were numerous errors (ouch).    However, the last row of the beginning lace instructions, still had knits where I thought there should be purls.

That is when it occurred to me to go to Ravelry and read the pattern comments.   Sure enough, there was talk of errors and a not from Kate Atherly saying that a revised pattern went up a month ago.   If I had thought to check sooner, I would have known that those knits really were supposed to be purls.   But, I probably would not have caught my errors until I was much further along.   So when you think about it, this little bit of frustration now, saved me a lot of angst later.   I have decided to be happy with how this worked out and as you can see, I am once again actually knitting the Bigger on the Inside Shawl.

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