Sunday, November 11, 2012

Simple Joys Shawl

Simple Joys Shawl
Yay!   The Simple Joys Shawl is finished.   The pattern has been written & revised.   Pictures have been taken, and it is available for download on Ravelry.  

While I was feeling inspired, I also touched up and reformatted my Simple Baby Hat pattern, so that it can be downloaded as a PDF from Ravelry (as opposed to linking to the relevant blog post).

We the denizens of Chez Serenity are going through some tough times.   Hubby's job is at imminent risk (don't you just love outsourcing?), I have been ill, and we are deeply in debt.   It is pretty clear at this point that moving to FL was financial suicide.   Certainly there are jobs for Hubby back up North but we can't afford another move (or maybe we can't afford not to), and I moved my mother down here last summer.   We cannot in good conscience leave her here alone, so if we move, she moves, which just adds to the financial burden (not mention the physical & emotional one).  

All is not lost.  We are blessed to have each other, our sons (both healthy and doing well in school), and a safe dry home.  If we sold our house, we would probably break even (not optimal but way better than being underwater as so many are).  There are opportunities (even if a move would be problematic and poorly timed).

Truthfully, we have no idea what we are going to do.   My part is this.   I am going to monetize this blog.  I have not published a single pattern since we moved to FL four years ago (too, busy, overwhelmed, sad, sick, apathetic).   It is time for that to end.   The Simple Joys Shawl is up.   I have a lace shawl and a felted tote bag just waiting to be written up and made available for sale.  I can asses my clothes & handbags for things that might do well at a consignment shop.   It is my sincere hope that I can help make things better.  Heaven knows that I have participated in bringing us to this point.

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