Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Miracle on 34th Street
We spent our Thanksgiving at home this year.   Usually we go to my brother's and this year we could have gone to a big Thanksgiving celebration at church, but Hubby really wanted to spend a nice quiet day at home.    I was kind of disappointed to miss the church dinner but now that most of the day has past, I feel like this was the perfect plan.   It just seemed like everything turned out just right.  Hubby cooked the turkey which was absolutely luscious and I made the sides which all managed to be done at the same time.  Desert did not work out (Hubby forgot to pick it up yesterday on his way home), but somehow it did not seem to matter.   I just made everyone their favorite lattes (2 PSLs and a peppermint mocha) and all was well.

Now we are all snuggled up eating Turkey soup and watching Miracle on 34th Street (a Thanksgiving tradition).  In honor of the day, let me leave you with today's gratitude list.

  1. Hubby - My Hubby is a prince among men.   Not only did he let me sleep in, but he cooked the turkey and picked up and dropped off my mother so that she could join us.   The thing is that this is not unusual.   He is a lovely, gentle soul who really does make my life nicer.
  2. My boys - Warning: I am not remotely objective.   I am incredibly proud of my sons.   They are both smart, kind, socially aware young men.  I love that they both actively strive to make the world a better place.
  3. Our home - We are undoubtedly blessed to have a nice house in a safe neighborhood, but we have more than that.   We have a home.   The kind of home that comes from the love, & respect that the residents have for each other.
  4. Peace -  I have not always lived in safe or peaceful circumstances.   It has been a central desire of mine to make sure that my children do (at least, when they are with me).   I love that none of us need fear each other.   Disputes happen (we are human), but yelling is the exception and name calling is very, very rare.  Physical expressions of anger are practically unknown.
  5. Knitting - I have a bumper sticker that says "I Knit So That I Don't Kill People".   A bit extreme, I know, but really not that far off of the mark.   Knitting brings me peace when I am upset or overwhelmed.   I believe strongly that everyone needs their knitting (although I do acknowledge that knitting is not everyone's knitting).
  6. Books - Reading is my refuge.   A good book can't be beat for sheer escapism.   Even as a child, I treated books as my cave.   I grew up in a very volatile home.   When the going got rough and rowdy  I would retreat to my room with a book to escape.  I was, and sometimes still am, a book a day reader.

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