Friday, December 14, 2012

Some days I don't knit at all...

So here it is, my new haircut (blown out and not).   It is not exactly what I wanted but I do like it better than the long hair I have been sporting for the last couple of years.   I had a much loved (literally since she is a family friend) hair stylist up North and was lucky enough to connect with someone down here whose work I admire.   The only hitch being that she is very hesitant to cut my hair as short as I would like it.   I am not looking for pixie short, just a shorter bob than this one.   I am trying to tell myself that I should wait a couple of weeks before getting it cut again but am feeling anxious to have exactly what I want.

The last time was up North, I asked my niece about an unusual menu format that we were seeing a lot of.   She told me that it was trendy but that since I had moved to Florida, I would not know about that.   This was said, not in a snarky or nasty way, but in a very matter of fact way.   The very ease and truth of the comment hit this Jersey girl right where it hurts, my NY metro sense of superiority.   I had been saying for some time that we had moved to the provinces but, OMG, was it showing?   Horrors L.

With that in mind, I have been putting more effort into keeping up, which has had the added benefit of helping me feel less isolated from my past life.   I read the NYTimes every day, and try to add the Washington Post & Times of London on Sundays (I do LOVE my Kindle).    I have followed the The Sartorialistfor years but have started paying attention to more than the scarves. After some trial and error (there really is a difference between trendy & stylish), I settled on My Style Pill as my other favorite style blog.   

Christine has a passion for all things style that makes her blog just plain fun.   Added to that, her style choices are more real world than some of the others.   What I really love about her blog is that as well as her clothing (& accessory) choices suit her, they also suit me without making me feel like one of those women of a certain age whose attempts to look “young” make them ridiculous.   Mostly, I have ended up combining things I already own and feeling pretty darn good.

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