Friday, January 18, 2013

A pattern in progress...

Simple Comfort Wrap 19Dec12
Recognize this?   I blogged about it here.  It is the as yet unnamed wrap pattern that I am working on for my UU Comfort Craft Group.   I have decided to post the pattern while it is still in progress.

Why, you may ask, am I taking this crazy unprecedented step?   Well, I am feeling pretty cooky confident that the ending will be very straight forward and predictable.  I am already getting requests for the pattern, and I want to be able to send interested parties to Ravelry to download it.

My plan is this, I will put it up "Nameless" and  "as dreamed".    As you can see, the cast-on and lace pattern have worked out very nicely so that is good.   The only outstanding questions are the the final yardage and how the bind off will look (I am hoping to maintain the slightly scalloped look of the cast on).   Once finished knitting, I will make any adds, moves, and changes, change the date on the bottom of the pattern, reload to Ravelry, and send out a revision notice.   You will eventually get a final pattern (with finished photos).   The pattern is, and will remain, free.

There you have it.   If you choose to download and cast on before I have finished, know that you may not be getting the final version (although, you will).   Feel free to let me know if you need clarification or you find any errors.   My contact information is on all of my patterns.

ETA:  This shawl is no longer nameless.   It is now the Simple Comfort Shawl :-)

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