Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Inspire me,,,

Lite Wt. Simple Joys Scarf/Shawl

Today, I started my day with an hour of yoga.   Why did I ever stop doing this?   I feel so much better able to cope with the vicissitudes of life today.   Coincidence?    OMG, I hope not.   Next on my "pull myself together" agenda?   Meditation.   I have tried meditation before with limited success.   Look the term "monkey mind" up and you may just see my picture.    However, I am reading Priscilla Warner's "Learning to Breath" and feeling inspired to give it another go.   If she can do it, certainly I can.

Do you follow Cosmicpluto Knits?   I do.   A few weeks ago she posted about a simple black scarf she knit for herself.    I knew then and there that, this would be my January knit.  I know quite a few crafters who craft mostly for sale, publication, and/or gifts during the rest of the year, but, come January, they make a point of making something for themselves.    I have done this myself in years past and have decided to do so again this year.  I am using my own Simple Joys pattern and  KnitPicks' Comfy Fingering Yarn to make my shawl.  In addition to having a snuggly feel and a reasonable price, the light weight and mostly cotton content of Comfy make it a perfect Florida yarn.     Once finished, I will add what few changes there are to the bottom of my Simple Joys pattern.    Those changes should be minor since the only differences are the weight of the yarn and the seed stitch border.

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