Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fireplace + Knitting = Love

Inspired by another blogger, I have decided to do a series of "Things That I Love" posts.   It is so easy to get caught up in the things that weight us down and/or make us crazy, but so much nicer to focus on the little things that make our day better and/or easier.

Today I am feeling pretty fond of fireplaces.   I don't think the subject even came up while we were hunting for a house in FL.   We were lucky enough to have them in almost every home we lived in, in NJ, but I guess we took them for granted because fireplace did not make our "must have" list once we moved South.   Of course, now we all (including Jack the dog) miss having one.   It is not so much the practical warmth (we have a space heater for the short "cold" season) but for the other kind of warmth.   The kind that makes you feel snugly, and comforted.

Consequently, I am really appreciative when I go someplace on a cold day like today (44 degrees, brrr!), and find a roaring fireplace.   I am meeting some knitting friends at our local Panera, and as the first one here, I got to pick the table.   Guess which table I picked?   The one next to the fireplace, of course :-)

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