Saturday, January 12, 2013

Never a circus around when you need one....

I am blogging from Panera Bread today, not because our internet stinks (which it does) but because I have run away from home.   I am sure every Mom out there has found themselves in a position similar to mine.   Hubby (normally the soul of kindness) had a wretched day at his new job yesterday and is in a wretched mood today.   Perhaps not the best day to clean out the garage but once it was clear that, that was the plan, I got the boys up to help him.   It seems that T1 would rather play DandD then help.   Yes, I know, who wouldn't, but most of us would grumble a bit and then get the job done.    That is not what happened this morning.   After trying, perhaps too hard, to smooth things over, only to be snapped at by both Hubby and T1, I formed a plan of my own.   I took a quick shower, found something pretty to wear, and ran away from home.

Since, at my age, joining the circus is out of the question.   I did the next best thing.   First stop was our local Eddie Bauer outlet.   My favorite cami's were on clearance with an additional 50% off.   I got one in every flattering color (some shades of green are just not good to me).   The "Deal of the Week" were their wonderful t-shirts, got one long sleeve black and one short sleeve black.   I am in a bit of a black mood.

Then came the drive to my ultimate "I need a day for myself" destination.   The Sew and Quilt Shop in Bunnell, FL.   They sell yarn, nice, pretty, luscious, yarn.   I was planning on picking up enough Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to start an afghan but got distracted by their other wonderful yarns.  All of the curly scarf yarn is on sale two for one.   I quickly grabbed a two skeins of Katia'a  Ondas.  One a  multi-shade red and the other a blue/green variegated (both for me).   I am not normally a fan of frilly yarns or man-made fibers but after making a few of these scarves for gifts, I want one (or two) for myself.   Next, I fell in love with a particularly lovely pink/yellow colorway of Blue Heron Yarn's lace wt Egyptian Mercerized Cotton.   I quick trip to Ravelry and I can see a new Citron-Grand shawl in my future.   At that point I thought I was done but during the requisite post-purchase chatting, a pretty shawlette caught my eye.   Turns out that it is made from a free in-house pattern.   Two  hanks Plymouth Yarn's Kudo and I was good to go.

Lunch and blogging done, I am heading over to a nearby Michaels and TJ Maxx.    No more spending for me today but window shopping can be fun too.

While driving around I am listening to Harriett Lerner's Dance of Connection.   Particularly apt since we all seem to have forgotten how to speak nicely to each other.

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