Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Hampstead reveal and what I did with my Christmas vacation...

Hampstead Wreath

Yes, thank you, we have a had a lovely holiday week.   Christmas Eve we sang in our church choir.   Hubby, T2 and I love to sing choral music so this was a real treat for us.   The whole service was dedicated to music.   It was beautiful.    Christmas Day was quiet and easy.   We did not go anywhere and had only my mom over here.   We cooked our ham in the slow cooker which added to the ease of the day and came out very well indeed.    After dinner we snuggled in the living room to watch Christmas movies (Christmas Story & It's a Wonderful Life, among others).   Even the weather was  just right in that is was pretty cold (for FL).   

Hubby and the boys have had the whole week off.  The boys held a Dungeon and Dragons marathon here one day and Hubby and I took off by ourselves on another.   Saturday we met with the rest of my family for a bigger holiday celebration.   Sunday was especially nice in that we did absolutely nothing.   There was no where to go and nothing pressing to do.  We ate left-overs and stayed in our PJs.  Hubby & the boys played video games until their eyes crossed (unusual for Hubby, less so for the boys)  I read a book  from beginning to end, then knit until bedtime.   It was wonderful.

What you see here is my finally finished Hampstead Wreath.   After agonizing over how to embellish it (Flowers? Holly? Pom poms?), I happened upon this wooden plaque thingy at Michaels.   Not only does it match my color scheme but "Peace" is unabashedly my fondest wish for the new year.

P.S. The book of the day, was The Haunting of Maddy Clare, a period ghost story combining elements of Downton Abby with Ghost Busters.   It was a perfect fluffy read for our lazy day.


  1. I LOVE this idea! I wish I could knit (like, I wish I could just wake up and knit, not put forth the amazing effort you have, ha!)- this is awesome!