Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Start as you mean to go on....

If it is true that how you spend your New Years Day sets the tone for the rest of the year, then we are in for a very good one.

We started our day disgustingly early but it was all up hill from there.   It turns out that some folks we know have made a tradition of meeting on Jax Beach to watch the first sunrise of the year.   It was close but, as you can see from Hubby's photos we managed to get up and going in time to welcome the day.

Once done with the ooo-ing and ahh-ing, we all headed off to a local cafe for a delicious breakfast, followed by a very long walk on the beach.

It was pretty darn cold when we met up, and still chilly after breakfast, but between the later hour and the exercise, we all started  heating up once the serious walking got going.   We must have made for quite a picture as we all began peeling layers of clothing and footwear off.   I started out in long sleeves with a coat and scarf.   By the time we arrived back at our car, I was barefoot, in yoga pants and a tank.   I was not the only one, either.   Thank heavens for the Florida habit of dressing in layers.

The boys slept through all of this but have been happy to join us for an afternoon of Dr. Who, knitting/video games, and junk food (my no junk food rule is always suspended for New Years Day and Superbowl Sunday).

So, assuming all goes according to plan, our coming year should include beautiful mornings, good friends,interesting conversation, knitting, family time, Dr. Who, and a nice mix of healthy and junk food.   Sounds like a plan to me. :-)

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