Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Scales of Justice

A happier day :-)

I interrupt this blog to bring you the latest bit of drama from Chez Serenity.   Long time readers may (or may not) remember that our oldest was in a car accident a couple of years ago.   The circumstances were thus:   he ran a stop sign while leaving an inner city school where (as an English education major) he was supposed to be observing a class.    A compact car driving through the intersection hit him hard enough to drag his full sized 1995 Buick Park Avenue across the intersection and over a couple of street signs.  His car was a total loss.  I don't think we know what the final state of the other driver's.   There is no question that the other driver had to have been speeding when she hit him.  Regardless, she would not have hit him if he had seen had seen, and stopped at, the stop sign.

We were told on that very day, that he could expect to be sued and sued he has been.   The driver and passenger sued.   The driver settled.   The passenger is still plugging away.    She is not even claiming any serious injuries but still she has turned down every offer our insurance carrier has made.   Tomorrow we head into Jax for the depositions.   He is nervous.   I am nervous.    I wish this whole thing would just go away.

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