Monday, February 11, 2013

Ups, Downs, and a Reprieve

Knit Picks CotLin DK:  Surf & Clementine

Chez Serenity has been beset by the plague.  T2 caught a nasty upper respiratory infection and, of course, he shared  (Caring is sharing, my *ss).   If there is an up(ish) side to these days of tissues, tea, & misery, it is that there was just no way we were making it to services this Sunday.   Hence, a reprieve in the rush to have the Simple Comforts Wrap done.   To be honest, I have barely touched it since my last post.   Shocking though it might be, I have been too sick to knit.

As I mentioned in my last post, my mind is definitely moving on to the next things on my needles.  In addition to whatever I am working on for Serenity-Knits, I  am almost always knitting something of someone else's design as well.   For my OP (other people's) knitting I placed an order with KnitPicks and, as always I was thrilled to see the KP box by my door.    In said thrilling box were 12 balls each of KP Simply Cotton Organic sport & worsted yarns (I have no definite plans for these but what are the chances they won't end up as summer shawls someday?) and two colors of KP CotLin destined for a gorgeous shawlette that I recently spotted on Pinterest.

What is it that they say about best laid plans and/or those made in haste?   It seems that I was so excited at the prospect of this new addition to my hand-knitted wardrobe that I did not pin the photo.    I did follow the link and downloaded the pattern (I remember checking the yardage before placing the order), but there are literally hundreds of patterns in my Google Docs and even narrowing down the download by date and color (it was the combination of burnt orange and teal that caught my interest), I am still not quite certain.

I am hoping for more clarity when this cold/flu/sinus fog lifts.

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