Friday, March 15, 2013

For a good time...

St. Augustine, FL  9Mar13

Hubby and I had the most wonderful day this past Saturday.   I had been feeling totally overwhelmed by my mama's drama so Hubby whisked me away for a day of escapist fun.

We started our day at our local Celtic Festival.   Given reviews of past years, my expectations were somewhere in the middling, but we absolutely loved it.   The music, food, and vendors were wonderful.  Everywhere we looked were things beautiful and unique.   Among other things, we left with some awesome baked goods and a really cool shortbread pan.   My next batch of shortbread will be both pretty and yummy.

Marineland, FL  9Mar13

Once done at the fair we caught a quick lunch (at a pizza place with a balcony and a view) and drove down to the beach at Marineland.   I just love this stretch of beach.   There are no houses or hotels, just sand and breakers.   I swear it has not changed since the first time I went there when I was three. Maybe I am getting old but, to me, that is part of the charm.

Fort Matanzas  9Mar13

On our way home, we caught a glimpse of Fort Matanzas in the distance.   Hubby mentioned that it was a shame that he was the only one who like to visit it.   Not true, I said, as another unchanged place of my youth, I like it very much.   It is just that getting stuck on the ladder that leads through a narrow opening to the top level while pregnant with T2, kind of put me off of the climbing part.   Not only did we stop and catch the boat to the fort but I went all the way to the top, which felt very brave and adventurous to me.

Once again on our way home, we were going to stop at the market and pick up something for dinner, but changed our minds and ate out instead (At 16 & 20 the boys are fully capable, if not delighted, of making their own dinner).

So that's it.   Saturday was all us, all the time.   My hubby is pretty darn awesome.

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