Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We interrupt this knitting...

Well, after all my big talk, the Citron Grande is a goner.   I just  could not deal with the oh so very delicate yarn.   It certainly looks lovely and feels lusciously soft but it requires very careful handling or it splits and/or breaks.   Having to handle it carefully, meant that I had to pay attention to what was supposed to be a zen knit.   In the end, I ripped it out and shelved it.   I think maybe it would lend itself to a "knit only" project but I am still deciding whether to try something else with it or just pass it along to a good home.

After some, admittedly short lived, consideration, I have decided not to replace the project in my queue right now.   Rather, I am going to spend the rest of the month working, and hopefully finishing, a couple of already on the needles projects.   In April  I am going to be doing a KAL (a story for another day) with a couple of friends and this would clear the decks a bit before we begin.

By way of proof that I can do this, here is the original Citron that I knit a couple of years ago.   I remember this being a quick knit.  Why did this one handle so differently?   I have no idea.

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