Friday, March 8, 2013

I’ll have a Grande Citron, please.

In addition to whatever I am working on of my own design, church/movie theater knitting, and a sock (handbag knitting), I almost always have something of someone else’s design on my needles.     This I refer to as my OP (other people’s) knitting.

My OP knitting of the moment is the Citron Grande using Filatura Di Crosa’s Centolavaggi Chine thinking that I was using a lace wt yarn.  Instead, I am using a cobweb wt yarn.   I am not bothered by the fact that it is not looking like much on the needles (Lace typically comes into its own once ruthlessly blocked).   But I am finding the ubber thin string like yarn to be a bit of a trial.   Just a bit of a tug and it breaks.   I bought a big skein specifically so that there would be no knots or joins.   I was so annoyed that I bought an alternative yarn, thinking that I would rip it out and cast-on with the new stuff.  

Then I changed my mind, again.   The pattern is past the fiddly part.  Wool blocks better than cotton, and I really do love the dark purple color.   Surely I can deal with the pretty, thin, thread yarn for just this one project.

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